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Festival Australia provides details of 400+ Australian festivals covering all genres, music, arts, flowers, historic, literary, fashion, sport, outback. We specialise in regional and suburban community events and tend to steer clear of Rock music!

Flower Festivals Blooming Around Australia

Australia's flower festivals mostly take place in the southern spring with the majority happening in September through November. An exception is Caloundra Ginger Flower Festival in sub-tropical Queensland which takes place in January.

So important a role do floral festivals play in the annual calendarthat Australia Post, celebrated their contribution with the release of a special stamp issue on 8March 2011. The five stamps in the issue featurecolourful photographic depictionsof popular flower species - the gerbera,jacaranda, Australian everlasting, violet and tulip. - More

Australian Folk Festival Calendar. Details of Over 60 Folk Gatherings

We have a brilliant folk music scene here in Australia with events generally marked by a relaxed family friendly atmosphere, fine musicians and yarn spinners a plenty. Each festival has it's own character, some prefering traditional folk whilst others favour contemporary folk with a big twist of world music. You will find wellover 60 events details in our annual calendar. More